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How do we Price? Is it by weight or by cubic meter?

We can´t give a price by kg or cubic meter. International Moving companies need more details to make a quote. These details are the following:

  • Service required
  • Quantity & type of the goods
  • Origin and destination details

Depending on these three main points the price can vary considerably. Therefore, it is extremely important to determine the right volume of your move.

Generally, an international move has three different steps:

  • Origin service
  • Transport
  • Destination Service

These different steps can be broken down to fit the needs of each one of our clients

In case of a container the client can choose if he wants packing or not and even if he or she wants the destination service. In case of an LCL shipment (Less than container load) you can omit the expenses generated by the pickup of your goods by delivering them to a warehouse.

Transport wise the price can´t be reduced because it´s the shipping company the one who sets the prices. The price usually includes the export custom clearance.

Our destination service consists in one of our agents overseeing the clearance of your goods and the delivery at your residence.

Regarding these three steps we have the following:

  • Door to Door service (Includes origin, with or without packing / transport/ destination)
  • Door to Port Services (Includes Origin, with or without packing and transport)
  • Transport services (The container from your doorstep to the destination port)

No. Usually international moving companies don´t include these expenses in a quote. Unless clearly indicated in the quote the THC and arrival port fess are excluded. These charges depend on the port, mode of shipment and shipping line. The only service that includes THC and arrival port fees is the groupage (part load) shipments, that are not available to all destinations.

If you hire less services you may be able to save some money but you MUST take into account that the services you don’t hire with your moving company you will need to hire at some stage or you will need to perform them. For example: If your move is only up to port, you will have to hire customs broker and a transport company to get your shipment out of port in the case of a Full Container.

For smaller shipments, LCL (Many times called incorrectly as Groupage) in this case you can go to the warehouse and pickup your shipment once you have completed the customs clearance and paid the THC and port fees.

These are the procedures if you only contract an “Up to Port Service”.

No, taxes depend on the person who is doing the move. The best thing to do is to go to your destination countries consulate to get information regarding the documents required to get a tax-free entry to the country.

FCL (Full Container Load)

For HHG, in general, there are 3 different types of containers used.

20’ (It’s got a liquid capacity of 33 cubic meters).  When talking about moves, this means that you can fit between 28 and 30 cubic meters or a standard sized car with 6 cubic meters. It’s dimensions are approximately 2.35×2.35×6 meters long.

40’ (liquid capacity of 66 cubic meters) When talking about moves this means that you can fit approximately 60 cubic meters or a standard sized car and 40 cubic meters. It’s dimensions are approximately 2.35×2.35×12 meters long.

40’ HC (liquid capacity of 76 cubic meters) When talking about moves this means that you can fit approximately 60 cubic meters or a standard sized car and 55 cubic meters. It’s dimensions are approximately 2.35×2..70H×12 meters long.

  • Most shipping lines ONLY offer 3 hours for free for loading or unloading. If time is exceeded the shipping company bills per hour or part of and the cost can range from € 90 to 150 per hour.
  • The usual length of a truck with a 20-foot container is of 12 meters and of 18 meters for a 40-foot container.
  • If there are weight restrictions in your residence area they will not allow the container to enter as the estimated weight is of 35 Tons.
  • The price of the freight for a container does not vary depending on the volume. Whether you load 1 crate or fill up the container the price will remain the same.
  • The number of items loaded in the container must be clearly specified. In the case that customs decided to inspect it and do count the number of items they must tally with what has been declared.
  • Customs in Origin and destination can do an X-ray or physical inspection on the container. Both the transport and inspection of the container will be billed because shipping lines and customs charge for this.
  • Usually, City Halls ask for a special permit to place the container at your residence.

LCL (Less than a container load).

Used for small shipments, usually under 12/15 cubic meters. The goods are placed on pallets or in crates and are loaded into containers with other commodities. This mode of shipment is very accurate as each crate or pallet is measured (length, width and height). For HHG the maximum measurement should not exceed 1.85 mts.


Used for small volumes, usually under 12/15 cbm and to ship to certain countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Your move travels in a container together with other moves. One of the inconveniences of this service is the transit time (compared to LCL) as the sailing of the container depends on filling the container, so the transit time is usually much longer, but all normal port fees are included.

Our quote is based on normal conditions, so charges may increase if:

  • An external lift is needed (origin/ destination)
  • There is a heavy piece of furniture such as big heavy safe boxes, pianos, etc.
  • Deliveries or collections above a first floor.
  • The container or truck cannot reach your home due to size or weight restrictions.
  • The volume increases

International removals require quite a bit of paper work. Each country has its rules and regulations for import and Export of personal effects and HHG. There is no “general rule”. Exports from Spain are quite easy, in general. There are certain requirements with which you must comply with and if for any reason you do not have a Spanish ID there are solutions to activate your passport, which do attract additional costs. In general, we do recommend that you check with the consulate of the country where you are moving to, and make sure you comply with the import requirements for duty-free entry.

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