The Russian Federation (in Russian — Cyrillic—: Российская Федерация, transcribed as: Rossíyskaya Federátsiya) is a country that is, mostly, in Northern Asia, occupying a great part of Eastern Europe as well. The capital city of Russia is Moscow and the language officially spoken is Russian.

Russia has a surface of approximately 17098242 square kilometres, being the biggest country on Earth (it is equivalent to a ninth of the planet’s land).

The currency that is used officially in Russia is the Russian ruble (ISO code: RUB), and its web domain and country calling code are “.ru” and “.рф”, amongst others, and “+7”, respectively.

This country’s location makes land, sea and air transport suitable options, however, WillMove usually offers land and air transport as those are way more efficient.

This kind of services have some similarities and difficulties but, with WillMove, it will be super easy and comfortable for you and as follows:

First of all, once you confirm the service with WillMove, our Traffic and Operations Department will contact you via email in order to inform you about the procedures and steps to be followed and the documentation that will be needed, besides, they will be the ones making sure that the packing and/or loading takes place on the date that fits you best.

On the day of the job, our trained and professional removals team will arrive to your residence and, depending on the kind of service, the job will take place as below:

  • Direct transport with packing: Our team will carefully start packing all your personal belongings and, with them packed, the haulier will be requested to position the truck at the workplace so that the goods can be correctly loaded and stowed within it.
  • Direct transport without packing: In case your goods are already packed by you, the job date will be arranged so that our team and the truck arrive simultaneously so that they can load and stow it the soonest, saving you as much time as possible.

It is important to note that, if it were not possible for a truck (or the vehicle used for the job) to be placed at the workplace/your residence, the goods would have to be shuttled up to one of our warehouses for them to be correctly loaded from there.

  • Air transport: In this kind of services, the process is very similar, in both cases, to the LCL, except for it being way faster, if you need your goods to arrive ASAP or simply want to have them at destination in the blink of an eye, this is definitely the service you are looking for!

Once the goods are in the haulier’s possession, it will be time for the export customs clearance to be done, for this reason, it is extremely convenient that our Traffic and Operations Department has all the documents and information they request in the first emails you will be sent ASAP, so that they can check and verify that everything is in order and ready to go! — We understand that, sometimes, a removal can be stressful and that, for that reason, there could be something you don’t understand from the emails or you could even have some other doubts. In that case, please, don’t hesitate to ask us, we will gladly explain and clarify!

After the clearance, the cargo will be ready to leave the country, within this period, you will be sent some emails with important information about the shipment such at the estimate dates of departure/arrival. You will be able to check on the shipment’s status by asking us.

You will also be provided with the details of our professional partners at destination (they will, most probably, get in touch with you first) and, with them, you will be able to prepare all the needed documents and pass customs there the soonest.

Once that, our partners will keep in touch with you so as to schedule a delivery date that fits you well and, with the delivery done, you would only have to worry about the last step, which is… enjoying your goods again as you used to do before moving!

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